A Word About Our Firm

We are a team of professionals with necessary education, training, experience and the skill to carry out the valuation for various purposes as may be required by our clients. We have in depth knowledge of local & wider property markets, development matrix, laws & statutes that affect the value.

Tanuj Kumar Bhatnagar

Fellow of Institution of Engineers (FIE)
Fellow of Institution of Valuers

Principal Valuer

    • Member of Council of Chartered Financial Analysts of India,CFA-ICFAI-India
    • Qualified Civil Engineer
    • Chartered Financial Analyst
    • Member of National Council of Institution of Valuers
    • 26 Years of Experience with qualified Engineers and Valuers

Tanuj Kumar is also registered with Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, CBDT u/s 34 AB of Wealth Act to perform as Valuer for Income Tax and Wealth Tax purpose.

In India, this registration with CCIT, CBDT is referred as bench marking criterion for valuation certification, particularly when such reports are to be used for government, legal or any other statutory purpose.

We have Associate Principal Valuers who are qualified professionals that include Chartered Engineers / Architects/ Lawyers/ Chartered Accountants/ Business Economists/ Actuary/ Chartered Financial Analysts with professional experience of more than fifteen years in respective arena.

Why Choose Us

We have the positive feedback

In today’s evolving business environment, Information is Power.
Clients rely upon us for fair, impartial real estate appraisals on properties like land, residential apartments, bungalows, floors, villas, commercial properties of all kind including shops, malls, retail spaces & industrial properties of all kind.

These appraisal reports help form the basis of informed decision making pertaining to either sale of asset, purchase, credit, risk analysis, financial reporting, dispute resolution, net worth assessment, taxation or any other purpose. We have the necessary qualifications, experience, skill and resources at our disposal to carry out such assignments with alacrity and precision.