The real estate market in India is an active market which is highly lucrative but still the dynamics of the market demand comprehensive information of real estate and financial markets for making financial decisions .It is an opportunity that NRI’s can take advantage of , on the basis of informed decisions.
Ours is a Professionally Managed Company. Our NRI Support Desk is a reliable partner in this process of intensive decision making. Old school methods of relying entirely upon neighborhood property dealer, relatives and friends are not enough. A professional guidance is a huge advantage.


When you Buy/Sell /Lease Property, we give you a fairness opinion as a third party which will aid you on the fairness of the deal.

We endeavor to work as a Third Party Observer/Participant in all your real estate related matters/requirements. This stance allows NRI Desk to come up with an entirely different perspective on fairness of your real estate deals in India.

We can provide updates on real estate investment opportunities and advice you on the right time to sell out any existing ones. Moreover, we can recommend professionals related to legal, taxation and construction matters.

Type Of Reports

Market Value Report

For decision making purpose, market updates about your property, site pictures, ongoing rentals, construction status review etc. These reports are based upon internal or external visit of property.

Statutory Purpose Report

For various statutory purposes relating to taxation, legal assistance, litigation support, immigration purpose, mortgage, business venture guarantees, net worth assessment etc. These reports are typically based upon internal visit of property.

External Visit Reports

These are brief reports drawing the inputs like ongoing market rate, rental based only upon external visit of property. This report is largely used by owners for periodic updates on the market value.

Internal Visit Reports

These are detailed report on approved formats by Government of India for specific purposes. Such reports are typically based upon internal visits and detailed investigation about the property. These reports are useful for taxation purpose, litigation support, mortgage, business venture guarantees and big investment decisions.


The procedure involved in carrying out a typical valuation involves:

Receiving instructions and establishing the purpose of the valuation

Verifying the contents of the title deed

Checking the Town Planning and Zoning controls

Checking the location

Carrying out appropriate sales research

Inspecting the property

Noting construction

Quality of fit-out


Measuring and calculating floor areas

Inspecting and making comparisons with sales of other properties

Assessing the valuation

Preparing a written report

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Property to be Valued

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