Our Valuation Services Include

Valuation is a critical element in all your property related decisions. Based upon our valuation Client can make informed decisions to cut down on risks and enhance the returns. We provide detailed valuations to support property transactions as well as , to meet regulatory & accounting requirements. We believe that a realistic, just and fair valuation report can mean the difference between meeting the critical goals.

Present Day Value Assessment

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

Valuation For Insurance

Valuation For Litigation Support

Valuation Of Infrastructure Investments

Valuation Of Easements

Historic Value Assessment

Appraisal Review

Cost Analysis

Valuation For Tax Purpose

Valuation Of Leasehold Interests

Other Valuation

We Provide Value Certification For Immovable Assets That Includes.



Building Services


Our Valuation Reports Are Useful For Following:

Market Related Purpose

Value Assessment for Buying or Selling of Property

Market Value for Net worth Assessment

VISA purpose

Valuation for biddings at public auctions

Division of Property

Litigation Support

Mortgage Purpose

Commercial banks- Lending decisions

Development Financial Institution

Housing Finance Institutions

Bank Guarantees.

Fixation of Reserve Price for public auctions of NPA properties

Fiscal Purposes

Income Tax

Wealth Tax

Capital Gains Tax

Bank Guarantees

Stamp Duty for Transfer of Property

House Tax Calculation

Court Fee

Gift Tax

Suits of Partition

Statutory and Non Fiscal Purpose

Land acquisition


Mergers, Takeovers


Division of Property

Financial Reporting like Net Selling Price as per AccountingStandard-28 of ICAI and Ind-AS-36.

Fixation of Reserve Price for public auctions of properties